Oliver Parks & Recreation

Sport Court Development Project

We believe Oliver Community Park is the jewel of recreation facilities in the Okanagan. We need your help to build the Oliver Community Park into a premier outdoor racquet sport destination in British Columbia.
Oliver’s tennis courts are a huge benefit to our little town, but they are falling into disrepair and are too small for the number of players who want to play tennis and pickleball. Enhancements to our park will further recreational opportunities for all community members. They will also attract visitors to the area, some of whom may decide to call Oliver their home.
To keep the courts functioning well for decades to come and to meet the growing need for more racquet sport playing space, we plan in 2022 to:

Investing in recreational infrastructure will make our town recreationally, physically, socially and economically more vibrant. Specifically, enhancements will allow:

  • Increased pickleball and tennis court time to public users and club members
  • Increased facility capacity for recreation programming, tournaments and special events
  • Increased number of citizens engaged in healthy activities
  • Increased number of residents directly engaged in creating positive change through infrastructure development
  • Increased collaboration and cooperation between Tennis and Pickleball Clubs
    Our goal is to raise a significant portion of the estimated $140,000 cost of the project. It will take about eight weeks to construct and we plan to build as early as 2022.

The anticipated timeline for the project is as follows: 

Fall/Winter 2021: Rough grading, base preparation and excavation for new asphalt

March 2022: Layout of new Pickleball and Tennis net posts; Install net post ground sleeves; Install Pickleball perimeter fence posts; Remove old net posts/equipment; Install new divider fence posts; Remove old divider fence 

April 2022: Drainage perimeter and electrical conduit install; Final grading and new asphalt install; Install Pickleball court divider fence posts; Install all chain link and gates

May 2022: Plexipave surfacing; Final install of new net posts and equipment; Landscaping, site remediation 

** All courts will be closed for the duration of the construction project, approx. mid-March to end of May 2022 ** 


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